"Love Me Harder" lyric video by Ariana Grande ft The Weeknd

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Nickelback - Edge Of A Revolution lyric video

You said the lyrical content of the “Black Album” interests you more, and speaking of that, how would you describe the lyrical content on the new Black Veil Brides album?

Very angry. I feel like in a lot of ways I had a lot of aggression towards the state of how we were perceived. Obviously some people will see, “Oh, he’s the guy who yells at awards shows” or whatever. But in a lot of ways, we had made this record [Wretched and Divine] so large in scale and had this grand story and we did the film. There was a certain level of frustration when you feel you do this thing so large and great, but there were so many people who just refused to listen to the songs, like, “They’re a faggy makeup band.” I think on some level, when I was younger that used to affect me. In a way, I enjoyed looking back on those feelings because I don’t really care anymore. I can’t write about things in the moment anyway, but in a way I wanted to re-tap into those aggressive feelings. I think if anything thematically there is a lot more angst on this record in general. I’m shooting from the hip a lot more on this one. There’s no grand story and the metaphors aren’t as strong. So it’s a return to form—more like our first album, lyrically.

Colbie Caillat - “Try”

From Elle Magazine interview:

Q: How did the idea for your brand new single and video, “Try,” come about?

A: I went into the recording studio with Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and I told him that I was getting a lot of pressure to be someone I’m not, both musically and image-wise. Although I don’t want to do it, I’m just going to make these people happy. He started laughing, and said, we’re not going to do that. That’s not you, and that’s ridiculous of them to ask. That right there gave me the creative freedom. He said, “Let’s write about exactly what they’re asking you to do—to change yourself.” We started checking off all these things that all of us girls do everyday to get ready to go out. I told him that before coming to the studio I wanted to look pretty so I had my nails done, I made sure I had the best outfit on, I had my hair and makeup artist come over and make me look all polished. And the thing is that I like myself when I’m not that way, but I feel like other people might not like me that way. And I know that most women go through that. When you have blemishes on your skin, gain weight, or my friend has crooked teeth, or my mom’s roots are going gray. And everyone is trying to hide their faults from each other when we all have it. So Babyface inspired me to write this and it’s all from a personal experience.

Milky Chance - “Stolen Dance”

Interview From Nylon Magazine:

Q: How did it come about?

A: Well, here’s the thing about the song: I wrote the chorus two or three years ago, and then the verse a few years later. The whole song took a few years. I always have so many ideas in my head and so I’m always trying to find pieces to fit together and stick together. It’s kind of puzzling, and that’s the special thing about it. In general it takes a week or so to write a song, but sometimes you have ideas and don’t know how to continue. Then you have to put them away and come back to them later, which is what I did.

George Tandy, Jr. - “Jaded”

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Ariana Grande - Break Free (Lyric Video) Feat. Zedd

Colbie Calliat “Hold On” (Lyric Video)

Cause I’m WEAK 7 days of the Week man! I’m weak from love

Jessie J - Thunder